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YES Technologies, also known as Yellowstone Environmental Science, Inc. (YES), was founded in 1981 in Bozeman, Montana. In 2001, the company relocated to Kamuela, Hawaii. Our mission is "Innovation in the Public Interest." We carry out that mission by creating, developing and commercializing products for enhancing public health and protecting the environment. We commercialize our products by licensing technologies and by selling knowledge in the form of technical reports, software and videotapes. Our business is woman owned and employs 5 to 15 employees (depending on work load).

Most of our technologies are proprietary. YES owns rights in 22 U.S. patents, four foreign patents, 6 U.S. patent applications, and 6 pending patent applications in Japan, Australia, Germany, Canada and Korea. These issued patents and patent applications disclose pioneering inventions in the fields of expert support systems, flow metering, pressure sensing, in-situ pipeline rehabilitation, environmental biotechnology (biohydrometallurgy and hazardous waste bioremediation) and various child-resistant products. We developed and distribute a videotape on childhood poisoning prevention. YES also owns copyright-protected software in the fields of infrastructure management, invention disclosure and multimedia creation.

YES has received eleven Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards, six Phase II SBIR awards, and one Energy-Related Invention Program (ERIP) award. Each of our Phase I projects has focused on a technology in a different field, emphasizing the firm's ability to gain expertise quickly and effectively, given the chance. Two of our technologies (from the completely different fields of child-resistant packaging and flow metering) have won R&D 100 Awards (in 1992 and 1993) from R&D Magazine for being one of the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year.

YES has been successful in commercializing SBIR and ERIP technologies. YES was retained to assist the licensee of our flow metering technology to design the first commercial version of the DataGatorTM Flow Meter System for wastewater flow metering applications. This product has been manufactured in the U.S. and sold worldwide. We granted a major U.S. pharmaceutical company a non-exclusive worldwide license to practice our WiseCapTM Elder Accessible Child-Resistant Packaging Technology for prescription drug packaging. Our first licensee agreed to distribute a minimum of 10,000,000 elder-accessible packages each year. We have also successfully concluded the sale of rights to our in situ pipeline rehabilitation process to a U.S. trenchless technology company.

Our strength is being able to bring a disciplined but fresh perspective to problems that appear intractable to long-time practitioners in the fields.

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